Royal Alexandra Hospital – Unit 35/36, Child Psychiatry

Referral Pathway

Referral by a child psychiatrist to the program for a planned or elective admission process (central intake), or emergency admissions from the Stollery Children’s Hospital emergency department (through the 6 consulting child psychiatrists).

Description of Service

Admission is considered when community mental health interventions are not able to provide the level of care and support required.

Primary purposes of admission:

  • Stabilization,
  • Diagnostic clarification,
  • Assessment, and
  • Short-term treatment.

The majority of adolescent admissions are due to an Emergency Department presentation. Emergency admissions are typically for patients in a psychotic state, after a suicide attempt, or who are actively suicidal. Emergency admissions are also provided for youth who are exhibiting extreme, out of control behaviors.

Hours / Contact Information

Phone: 780-735-4635

Hours: 24/7

Patient Cost