Team-Based Care Resources

Team-based care is an integral part of the PCN model. Below are some resources for PCNs on team-based care models. We’ll continue adding to this page as our team-based care library grows.

Primary Care Nursing in Alberta: A Guide to the Role

The Alberta Primary Care Nurses Association developed this resource to help guide conversations about team member roles and sharing patient care within the medical home. This document may be used to guide orientation in a PCN nursing program, open discussions about shared care, or as a resource for Primary Care Nurses to guide their appointment structure.

Primary Care Nurses in Alberta

A short overview of the Primary Care Nurse's role developed by Alberta Primary Care Nurses Association.

Scheduling Guidelines for Primary Care Nurses

This scheduling guideline may help in booking appointments and aid conversations around optimizing clinic flow.

Patient's Medical Home: Team Based Care

The Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT) has curated resources to assist with the daily interaction and smooth transitions necessary for team based care. These resources include a customizable daily huddle checklist, recommendations for introducing team members to patients, and tips for group medical visits. It also links to an implementation guide and toolkit developed by the Cambridge Health Alliance.