Child and Adolescent Mental Health Resources

The Building Service Capacity for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) in Primary Care and Pediatrics project seeks to support primary care and pediatric teams in providing mental health care for children and adolescents in the Edmonton Zone. It is led by the Edmonton Zone Primary Care Networks, Alberta Health Services, and CASA Mental Health with a grant from Alberta Health.

View a comprehensive list of health services for CAMH patients in the Edmonton Zone

The Edmonton Zone Primary Care Networks, in collaboration with Alberta Health Services and CASA Mental Health, have developed a comprehensive list of the health services available in the Edmonton Zone for CAMH patients. The listings are searchable by acuity, age eligibility, and type of service/referral. Program details include a description of the service, how the patient can be referred, hours and contact information, and if there is a cost for patients.

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Find CAMH education resources for patients, families and health professionals

CanREACH trained pediatricians and family physicians, individuals with lived experience, and the CYF Caregiver Education mental health team gathered and reviewed CAMH education resources directed for youth, parents and families, and health professionals.

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Refer CAMH patients to pediatricians and CanREACH trained physicians or back to primary care providers

Pediatrics and Primary Care have collaborated to develop guidelines to support transitions of child and adolescent mental health patients between the two specialties. The guidelines are available on the ConnectMD website and include helpful resources such as a resource list, rating scales, and school letter templates.

To foster a collaborative model, a network of pediatricians/CanREACH trained physicians willing to receive referrals of CAMH patients from primary care practitioners, and primary care practitioners willing to care for stabilized CAMH patients from pediatricians/CanREACH trained physicians is also being developed. Contact ConnectMD to be added to the network.

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Increase your skills and knowledge about CAMH (for interdisciplinary team members)

Evidence-based learning modules are now available online, with foundational information for all primary care team members to talk to patients and communicate amongst the team. Developed by the team behind CanREACH and, team members will learn a common language for CAMH; gain understanding into different mental health states; develop patient engagement, assessment, and treatment skills; and apply these learnings to some of the most prominent mental health disorders in primary care. The education is designed for all non-physician team members working in primary care, and is free to view.

Access the learning modules (password: primarycar3)

Introduce youth and parents to non-pharmacological pain management

Developed in collaboration with the Stollery Pain Clinic, this online learning module provides physical and psychological strategies to manage chronic pain in children and youth. There is also a section for caregivers around how to support their child or youth. The module is free to use, available anytime, and should take approximately 30-minutes to complete. It can be completed alone or complement your PCN’s services to address chronic pain. The module is available in English, Punjabi, and Tagalog.

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