Stollery Children’s Hospital – Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic

Referral Pathway

Internal referrals are accepted from the following Children, Youth & Families Addiction & Mental Health programs: Community Mental Health Clinics without access to psychiatry consults, Urgent Psychiatry Clinic, Stollery Inpatient Consultation & Liaison Team, On-call Child Psychiatrist

Non Connect Care Users: New referrals for this program are managed through Children, Youth & Families, Addiction & Mental Health Intake Services.  Please call Intake Services at 825-402-6799 for more information.

Description of Service

The Stollery Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic is a team of mental health professionals that support families with children and youth experiencing moderate to severe mental health problems and don’t have access to child psychiatry in the community. The clinic also aims to build diagnostic and treatment capacity for community pediatricians.

The Stollery Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic offers secondary level psychiatric services – including:

  • interim multidisciplinary case management including psychiatric assessment, medication optimization and diagnostic clarification
  • system navigation
  • connection to appropriate community services

Length of psychiatric involvement is based on the individual needs of the family, but will typically be between 6-12 months.

When the goal of the referral has been met, the care will be transferred to their primary care physician for ongoing management; treatment recommendations will be provided. Furthermore, to build capacity in primary care settings, the clinic offers community pediatricians an indirect, telephone consultation with a child psychiatrist to discuss challenging cases, with the possibility of a patient appointment afterwards if required.

Hours / Contact Information

Phone: 780-407-2114


Patient Cost