CASA Infant and Preschool Mental Health Services

Referral Pathway

Family will be offered an assessment appointment to determine appropriate treatment.
No previous mental health assessment required.
No referral from physician/therapist required
If you are a physician referring a child, please have the family fill out the intake form and fax or mail it to CASA.
Referral forms are available on the Alberta Referral Directory

Description of Service

Provides mental health assessment and treatment to infants, preschoolers, and their families. A wide range of assessment and treatment programs as well as professional training and consultation. Programs range in intensity from early identification, assessment and primary intervention to intensive tertiary level treatment. Services may include individual, group, and/or family therapy.

Hours / Contact Information

Phone: (780) 400-2271

Hours: M-F (8:15 am – 4:30 pm)


Patient Cost